All right…

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I don’t blame you for wanting more information… but listen, there is a reason why you are interested in what I have to say. There is a reason why you are curious. There is a reason why you are thirsty for more.

Maybe it’s…

1. Because I am actually doing what I am writing about. I am actually learning languages and traveling to foreign lands (now Colombia). I am not some vicarious book-swapper.

2. Because I actually will engage with you. I reply to every comment and every email I receive. And, if we are in the same city, I would love to meet you in person! (Easiest way is to tweet at me @ryangoesabroad.)

3. Because I share really good stuff. Right now I am working on a “learn Spanish” tool which you will be able to download, but you have to be subscribed to hear about it. Oh, and my posts? Check out the compendium 50 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Traveling.

4. Because I don’t believe in hype. “Learn a language in just a couple months?” “Travel the world on pennies a day?” You won’t see any of this hype on my blog. I believe in great accomplishments, but I don’t believe in misleading people to make them think things are easier than they are.

5. Because I am not just another travel writer. The term travel writer is an incomplete description of what I do on this blog. I am more interested in new experiences, guerrilla learning, and realization of freedom than writing (or reading) generic travel reports. (For example: Your Time Is Now)


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