A New Chapter For Ryan Goes Abroad

About a year ago, I started Ryan Goes Abroad.

I started it as an experiment in finding out what the social media world was all about. And if you had told me what I was going to experience in the next year as a result of this blog, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I have visited 4 countries this year, learned a new language, and met a number of awesome people. I even got a sponsor. This blog has taught me an incredible amount of knowledge about the web, about social media, about online business, and about travel.

But at the top of the list, I find myself interested in people, and seeing them come to their fullest potential. It is great when we can share all that we are experiencing so we can encourage one another in our experiments and enterprises, and in expanding our capacities.

I am also very interested in reaching my own full potential.

As I write about on my ‘about’ page (now over 3500 words!), I am interested in developing a certain kind of lifestyle which will create more freedom and expansiveness in my life.

Learning Spanish was one way to do this. Traveling to Colombia was another. Starting this blog was another.

Now, I need to sit down and achieve something very practical.

The Task At Hand

I need to generate consistent, substantial revenue streams so that I can become location independent.

As much as I wish money didn’t matter, it does. Everyone has to make enough money to survive.

And, as much as I enjoy exploring new worlds, I really need to put on the business cap and really make something happen.

I already have existing income streams (and savings) that are supporting me for the time being, but I am still in ‘net negative’ cash flow. In other words, expenses are still exceeding revenues.

Thus, my lifestyle as it stands currently is not sustainable.

My activities over the past year, while expanding my horizons, have yet to create sustainable income for me. Thus, I am still being limited.

For example, right now as I write this, I have in mind a certain country I want to visit and a language I want to learn. This country turns out to be extremely expensive to visit and to stay in. Everything is expensive… from the flights to get there to apartments to food and nightlife costs.

Given my current status, I realized recently that it would be very unwise to go because it would not result in permanent income of any kind, and would use up all of my cash reserves.

As a result, I have to put off going to the country.… Bahhh!

That is what frustrates me. I hate not being able to do what I want to do. This financial issue is the limitation I must free myself from.

What Is In The Works

In view of this, I have embarked on several web-based business projects this year, many of which have the potential to provide substantial revenue before the end of this year.

These will be my top priority moving forward for the next 3 months.

I simply must focus on the most important activities (namely, revenue generation) or my brief excursion into this wide world of ‘going abroad’ will be over.

Also, as you may have noticed if you follow me on twitter, I have moved to Ecuador in an attempt to flatline my costs and really make this thing happen. (Also, my Colombia visa expired so I had to leave… 🙁 ) Word is that I can stay here up to 9 months straight with the relatively simple visa situation. And, I can already tell that there will be less distractions here to get things done.

My plan is to exit Ecuador only if I am near net positive territory (revenue minus monthly expenses.)

New Perspective

Additionally, traveling to Ecuador made me realize how much I dislike the actual act of traveling. I love getting to know the locals, getting plugged into the culture, going out at night, and all that, but as far as riding on planes, catching taxis, staying in hostels… I am really not interested in it, except in focused, short bursts of exploration.

I’d much rather stay in a wonderful place where I know the city and am building relationships (like in Medellin).

I also want to talk about my other projects on the blog, but they don’t exactly fit into the “goes abroad” category. They fit, rather, in the business / entrepreneurship category.

In view of all this, one of things I have been considering is re-branding of the entire Ryan Goes Abroad experience. This might involve an entirely new blog, new name, and a redesign of everything.

Anyway, those are some of the ideas I have had recently, but the most important thing is to create income for myself to provide the long-term freedom I so desire.

This will take a lot of work, but I am eager to share it with you all over the next few months.

Thanks for reading.

  • I’m a big fan of Ecuador myself – be sure to eat lots of humitas! Best of luck with your new projects and looking forward to hearing all about it.

    • Hey hey, Jodi! Thanks dropping by and for the comment… Any chance you are paying us a visit here in South Am? A harem of good looking men await you. 🙂

      • Ha! A compelling offer to be sure, but I think I’ll be Asia bound after my time in Morocco and the Turkey. Let me know if you plan on hopping the pond and hope to see you next summer in the States.

  • It’s great you’re able to re-evaluate where you are and take the steps to make yourself successful! It’s all part of the journey. I look forward to hearing about the new projects, including the reinvention of your blog! Best of luck.

    • Thanks Peggy!

  • David

    Hey Ryan, great blog. My friend and I (his name is Ryan also) are both from S. Florida and we are now living and working in Medellin. I read most of your posts and you are right on about this city. My family is Colombian so I had visited plenty of times before but now I’ve been lving here for almost a year. We started an internet business exactly so we could have location independance. Let’s see if we can chat a bit more…

    • David, would love to connect. Just sent you an email.

  • hey Ryan,
    Glad to see you’re still exploring the world and enjoying your life! I’ve been out of blogosphere for a little while myself, but like you, I really appreciate all the great contacts and relationships I formed from it. As for me, I’m back again and looking forward to catching up with all my faves. Good luck with all your endeavors!

    • Hey Mary! Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Good to hear you are getting started up again, I look forward to hearing about your ‘curious’ adventures. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping you categorize your stories regarding revenue streams instead of creating a new blog…would hate to see this one neglected and it seems you have an interesting/engaged audience here.  Hopefully it’s something your readers would be interested in as well…something you can all share in.

    Anyway…best of luck with your new ventures, for sure!

    • Thanks Justin!