Anything That Matters You Have To Build

Sometimes people wonder how they can afford to travel around the world.

Part of it is geo-arbitrage, the reality that many places in the world are significantly cheaper than the modern nations of the West. I’ve written about my monthly costs in Colombia and Ecuador.

Now, my costs are not as low as they could be… A thrifty individual who plans well and limits their luxuries can get by on $500 per month in places like Ecuador.

But many people wonder where does the traveler’s $500/month, or $1000/month, come from?

Well, it could come from a couple of different of places. Perhaps the person has spent some time developing an online business, and receives enough to completely cover their living expenses. Or, it could come from something that statistically few people have, and that is SAVINGS.

The American savings rate, once very high, is now abysmally low, somewhere below 5%.

Savings is the way to accumulate extra cash, which can help you in a number of ways, not the least of which is to recover your time, and allow yourself a period of time to do what you want without going back to wage slavery. (But, given the fact that Americans save so little, you’re going to have to be counter-cultural if you’re going to do it.)

But truth be told, all it takes is some dedication. Check out one guy who saved $10,000 to travel around the world working 10 months at an entry level job. Or check out how Steph saved $20,000 in under two years to travel the world.

What those posts show is that if you want something bad enough, like money to travel the world, you’re going to have to put some serious planning and effort into it… For example…

You can’t both choose to spend $20 at the movie theater this weekend AND add to your savings fund to travel the world.

You can’t both choose to eat out three times a week AND expect to fund your travel savings account.

You can’t both choose to rent a 3 bedroom apartment all by yourself AND expect to have more money left over to put away. (This is the actual mistake I made only a couple of years ago… what a waste.)

You have to get it out of your mind that certain goals, like traveling the world, starting a business, or simply doing what you want to do, are unattainable simply because of your lack of money.

Like I try to explain early on, you have the power to take the reins of your life and develop a life of wealth. Make no mistake about it.

For example, you may not have money now, but will you not have money 1 year from now? You have the power to change this.

Or, you may have never traveled abroad before, but you want to. OK… so what are you doing today and each day to move yourself one step closer to your goal?

You may work at a pizza parlor now, but will you in 1 year from now? What are you doing with where you are? Where will you be? (I’ve actually come across travelers who saved $10,000 in 8 months for a round-the-world-trip by delivering pizzas)

Just like obtaining the body of your dreams, obtaining a high-ranking career position, completing a large project, or growing a community, preparing yourself for a life of travel involves prioritizing it and investing in it on a persistent basis.

Anything that matters you have to build.