Argentina: First Impressions

1. Argentine men will cut in front of you, in lines and while walking down the street.

2. Some Argentinians are freaking tall. Every now and then you’ll walk by a 6’6″ man or a 6′ woman. They stick out.

3. Argentinian girls tend to be very skinny. I’m definitely not seeing any obesity problem.

4. Empanadas are popular here, as they are everywhere else in Latin America. I still wonder why people like to put tasteless fried dough in their stomach.

5. Argentina and Paraguay don’t have a friendly, open border. There were multiple police checkpoints and I was even told my personal computer wasn’t permitted.

6. I love the way Argentinian girls speak English. Their accent is so attractive.

7. Northern Argentina = miles of flat grassland and cattle fields.

8. On a map, the bus ride from Cordoba to Mendoza looks like it’s 5 hours, but it’s actually 10.

9. The Nueva Cordoba area in Cordoba feels extremely safe. I could carry my laptop around no problem (unlike Medellin).

10. At the mall, I saw an Argentinian girl reach across a table and slap a man in the face. I’m wondering if this is a frequent behavior.

11. Cordoba is like a giant college town. If you’re a single man around age 18, consider studying here if you want a shot at Argentinian girls.

12. No guide book told me that Cordoba would reach 100°F, or that Mendoza has 350 days of sunshine per year. It’s hot here in the summer.

13. The Argentine currency problem is causing inflation. I am paying 11 dollars for a sandwich.

14. Fortunately, I have found a hack to get me a 30% better exchange rate for USD to ARG, send me a message via Facebook if you want in on it.

15. Argentines love cumbia music. The clubs I’ve been to thus far have a really bad habit of turning absolutely everything into cumbia, from Adelle to reggaeton.

16. Dinner starts at 10 or 11 pm, and going out starts at 2 am. This is a lifestyle that wreaks havoc on any internet-type trying to get work done.

17. There are a lot of cute girls in Mendoza and Cordoba, but I think I was oversold.

18. I was also oversold on the cuisine. It seems 80% of the common restaurants here serve three basic things: hamburgers, steak, and pizzas.

19. Jugos are on the menu, but they’re lacking in tastiness.

20. You need to speak Spanish here, no question. You’ll be floating around if you don’t.

21. If you like wine, come to Mendoza. Right now 40 Argentine pesos for a bottle of the purported world’s best Malbec.

22. Maybe it’s the nonstop cumbia, maybe it’s the oversold girls or cuisine, maybe it’s my traveling pace… but I don’t know if I gel with Argentina.

  • That about jives with what I’ve heard, I can’t say I’ve ever really felt a strong urge to go to Argentina, except maybe Buenos Aires.

    I’m not sure I’d be sold on the girls yet, yes I’ve heard they’re pretty but I’ve also heard they’re difficult and ridiculously flaky…the term “histerica” comes up a lot.

    Good deal, I liked this short list summary thing, thanks.


    • Yea, the Argentinian ladies can be pretty, but they were definitely oversold. I’ll hold out until I hit up Buenos Aires though.

  • Didn’t realize you were already there. Ironically, I just decided to start the new year in Medellin.

    I don’t miss the Argentina pizza AT ALL.

    • Yea, I don’t miss the Argentine empanada either.