The Paradox of Motivation

Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor. -Soren Kierkegaard Learning a language is a project. It’s not something you can just do well “in your spare time” or while you are significantly committed to other things. I was reading a blog …

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How Fast Can You Really Learn Spanish?

How Fast?

As you may know, I am attempting to learn Spanish in preparation for my trip to Colombia. I have really been working hard at it during the last 2 weeks… trying to avoid things that slow me down, and often studying over an hour a …

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5 Ways You Are Slowing Your Progress To Fluency

Snail's Pace

The past few weeks I have been studying Spanish pretty hard. It really feels like working out. I literally feel tired after an hour of intensive study. My method has mainly been the Pimsleur audio program and LiveMocha courses in Spanish, and occasionally I have …

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How to Learn Spanish Intonation Without Boring Yourself to Death

I have thus far been taking a fairly “academic” approach to learning Spanish, i.e., following the Pimsleur program it its listen-and-repeat mode. But there’s a problem. In an academic approach, everything feels more like a drill and is fairly boring, honestly. Now, drills can be …

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Overcoming the Dips in Learning Spanish

As of this writing, I have completed Spanish 1 and am in the middle of Spanish 2 of Pimsleur’s Spanish. Learning Spanish has been taking a long time, however. It has been nearly 6 months since I started, and –granted I am not living in …

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