Complaining Isn’t Bad. Action-less Complaining Is.

I really could just end the post right now because you probably already know where I’m going with this.

But let me tell you about how a certain kind of complaining helped me out.

I arrived to Córdoba, Argentina after an all night bus ride and was met with temperatures exceeding 100° F (38° C).

I told you I read a lot of guides to Argentina, but I’m not sure I remember any of them telling me that it would be 100° in Cordoba.

Anyway, I set my stuff in my 4-bed dorm room upstairs, which I noticed was even hotter than outside, if you could believe it (and did not have air conditioning). But I figured that when the sun went down, it would cool off.


Even when a cool front came through the city later that evening, bringing rain and cooler air, the room upstairs was still like an oven.

The windows were wide open, the cheap-ass fan was on, but it was still an oven, which was almost unbelievable. It had to be 15 degrees hotter than outside. I later called this the mal milagro, a bad miracle for which there was no explanation.

Anyways, I complained to the staff, but they said ‘that’s just how it is’. I inquired about air conditioning, they said they didn’t have any, except downstairs in the living room and common area.

I lay down for half an hour but couldn’t sleep a wink because I was so drenched in sweat.

At that point, I knew I needed to take action. I hopped on my computer and looked up different hostels in town. I slept downstairs in the living room, and the next day, I went sleep-deprived to another hostel, confirmed the rooms were cooler, and set up shop.

This was followed by a most relaxing nap and a great day in Córdoba following.

My trip was being severely affected by the heat and my lack of sleep. Properly speaking, I complained because something was wrong.

Some people think complaining is wrong, but it’s not. It depends on the attitude with which it is done, and the actions that follow it.

It took action to solve my problem. Complaining got the ball rolling in my mind. Actions followed, and I was soon enjoying Córdoa instead of thinking it was the most over-rated place on the planet.

Complaining isn’t bad. Action-less complaining is.