Dear Medellin…

We first met awhile ago, and you’ve stayed on my mind ever since.

We’ve walked together, talked together, laughed together. We’ve gone out. We’ve shared intimate moments.

The other night I was with you, and I looked into your eyes and told myself how much I wanted you.

The truth that is I am tired of searching. I am ready for something deeper, something meaningful.

You have showed me a good time almost every time we’ve gone out. I can scarcely think of one time when I wasn’t glad to be with you at any hour, day or night.

You taught me a new language. You introduced me to new friends. We even went to some ball games.

And even when I’ve had to leave you in the past, upon seeing your face I suddenly had hope and happiness well up within me. All seems right in the world when we are together.

The birds flitter and chirp. The clouds give way to sunshine. The stress of life fades away.

I have been impressed by you on countless occasions. When we go out at night, I am proud to have you on my arm.

As John Mayer would say, you look so good it hurts sometimes.

I love the way you play with your hair. I don’t know why it gets me, but it does.

I love the way your Spanish sings like a lark.

I love the way your skin feels. It’s better than a satin pillow.

Your rainy months are understandable– after all no one is perfect.

We could make this work.


I can’t do it now.

I just can’t, babe.

Maybe it’s because we never got serious enough. Maybe it’s because you tell me one thing but do another.

Maybe it’s just me.

Whatever it is, I feel that we’ve come to the end of a chapter, the end of a season.

We need some time apart. Some time to gather ourselves, perhaps see other people.

I mean, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming… You knew I was here on a tourist visa. My time was limited. Something big needed to happen.

But it never happened.

After 7 months of this relationship, I need to gather myself and consider our time together– whether we are really moving forward with something significant, or whether we’ve just been having a good time.

Babe, you’ve been great.

It’s just that now, I need some time.

Published May 6, 2012

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  • Totally feel you dude… been living in Medellin on and off since end of 2010 can toally relate. nice post.

    • Cheers, man. Thanks.

  • very deep post, brought a tear to my eye.