Do You Have The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore?

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Andre Gide

I want to ask you a question today…

Do you have the courage to lose sight of the shore?

Look at your life…

Maybe you have lived your life in certainty. In predictability. In routine. In safety.

Maybe you have traded the adventure of your life for the four walls of your own knowledge.

Why have you done this?

Why do you have a predictable job that you hate?

Why do you avoid speaking up when you know you can thoughtfully disagree?

Why do you lose yourself vicariously through romance novels, travel magazines, and hollywood movies?

Why have you settled for this when you were created for TRANSCENDENCE?

The Real Reason

You are constantly looking back toward the shore, and when the shore gets a little too far away for comfort, you turn back.

You like giving yourself the semblance of adventure… After all, you put on a bathing suit. You got in the boat. You put on the life preserver.

But the reality is that you must have courage to turn AWAY from the familiar and TOWARDS the unfamiliar to go on an adventure.

So stop kidding yourself…

Have the courage to turn away from the shore
and towards the wide open sea.

  • Fabrice_dubesset

    I’m traveling in Colombia? Right now in Bucaramanga. If you are to far, you are welcome!

    • In Santa Marta! Hit me up if you’re headed this way!

  • Awesome thought provoking post Ryan!  I think we put way too much emphasis on security and I think we do that because it’s a perceived known state.  We know what to expect.  When you can’t see the shore you’re in the unknown and that can be scary.  But it’s also the zone where life happens.  We may lose sight of the shore but the thing is once you set sail a new shore will appear.

    • True, but let’s hope the shore doesn’t appear too soon… The ocean has things to teach us. 😉

  • Truth, all around. The definition of fear is the – Unknown. People are afraid to try and do new things, break paradigms and blaze their own trial, because society, unfortunately close friends/family, and the world has beat them down over the years. Unfortunately ,that fear usually in-turn is the fear of making mistake, or failing BUT “the only mistake you can make is being afraid of making one” -Santiago Flores .In the worlds eye, if you “fail” your bad/done/finished/through. which is why so little people are successful.  World mentality= Failure——-You——Sucess  and your caught leaning more towards one of the other…[ VERY wrong ]    Business owner mentality/Entrepreneurial pattern of thinking .
    YOU—>—-Failure—->—Sucess   You have to Try-Fail-& adjust. over and over and over. A highly respected man in my industry by the name of Jake Baker said this, “You don’t get old and then lose your dream,.. you get lose your dream,… and then you get old.” Too many people follow too often and turn off the worn path too little., because they lose sight of what keeps them young… Listen to this guy Ryan, he seems to know his stuff. Your eye opening post is greatly appreciated dude.Hopefully it’ll many , and spark the old pilot light lost inside so many in today’s world. 
    Sincerely ,
    Timothy Furnari

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    • Really good stuff, Timothy. It’s so true we are taught from a young age that mistakes are bad, but in order to be entrepreneurial you have to be willing to make mistakes on the way to realizing a higher vision. Thanks for the comment, hope you find success with your endeavors!