Goodbye Asunción


I’ve left Asunción Paraguay.

I lasted 7 days.

Here’s some of why: hot, mosquitoes, lack of easy / intuitive apartment finding, lack of inspiration… heat, mosquitoes…

We just didn’t gel well, Asunción and me.

It’s probably my fault. I mean, I’m pretty picky. I already have a city I love which I compare everything to. And I’m not going from city to city to see the sites or write an in-depth travel guide.

I’m trying to find places to live. And I had to ask myself if I could see myself living in Asunción for significant periods of time.

And I can’t say that I could.

I think I realized this after about 4 days, but I stayed an extra 3 just to give it a little more time. In the process, I’ve gained some knowledge of the city that I didn’t have, including ways to find short-term housing, but I just didn’t feel I could commit to staying in the city at the prices they were requesting.

Asunción is not cheap, per sé. I’d say it’s medium cheap… but in order to find a decent place to live, it seems like you really got to spend some time and money to find it.

If it were utterly dirt cheap, I might have stuck it out a while longer, but as it stands I’ve got two itchy feet with more than 30 bug / mosquito bites telling me what awaited me. I was constantly swatting bugs and flies during the day, and even into the night when they get really annoying.

And during the day, I was sweating like a hog from the heat and humidity… Yes they have air conditioning in Asunción, but not in every part of every building… and definitely not when you’ve got to walk somewhere!

And there’s no beach.

All of which is to say that I think in the near future I will write a “getting-started” guide to Asunción, because that’s about all I did!

You and I are given limited time on this planet, and I had to make a decision more in line with my priorities for life. I just couldn’t stay.

I might consider returning one day, for a short period of time, making sure it’s in the middle of winter (i.e. late July or early August).

And, perhaps one day one of you dear readers will go further than I have with the city.

But for now I must stay Goodbye, Asunción.