Hello Asúncion, Paraguay

It should be obvious by now if you read this blog (subscribe to the RSS here) that one big thing I am interested in these days is finding places to live.

I tend to travel slowly, and in fact, do not like the actual experience of travel days– the flights, the buses, the luggage, the security lines, the hassle etc.

Yet, I have now moved to a new city in a new country.

Interestingly, I have moved to a city which is mostly a mystery because not many people travel to it… and that is Asunción, Paraguay.

Why Paraguay?

A principal reason I’m here now is that I am looking for cities that support a lively but sensible bootstrapper lifestyle, and which I could see myself living for extended periods of time.

Asunción mainly came on my map through the grapevine. There’s not a lot online about it, but I’ve heard whispers here and there that it is a good place from people who’ve been here.

Of course, I’ve also heard a number of people say it’s boring and there’s nothing to do. And I recently saw a list which ranked Paraguay as one of the most dangerous countries in South America.

So… I’m conquering the curiosity and getting some boots on the ground here to see for myself!

My pre-visit research tells me I’ll be able to comfortably live here for less than $1200 / month. (I’m just hoping that includes internet.)

What’s exciting to me is that Paraguay is a country which not many people go to, much less write about. I’ve heard there are very few touristy things to do, but this doesn’t bother me as I am not very interested in the touristy things. There is just basically a lot of ‘unknown’ around it… kind of like the Guianas.

This place has a ton of history, though. I can already tell just by strolling around the downtown that Asunción and it’s people have a story to tell.

Lastly, Asunción is located in the southern part of South America, which could be the strategic launchpad to another adventure I have in mind for the near future…

But I’ll just have to let you wonder about what that might be. 😉

Hello Asunción!!

  • In my quest to find a Latin American country for retirement, I took a brief look at Paraguay.  My impression was that it had a higher crime rate than its neighbors.  At least you’re close to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, which, in my opinion, are better countries to live in.  

    Keep us posted.

    • Hmmm interesting. Will let you know.

    • You may be right, Mike!

  • I’m very curious to see how this turns out for you. I heard a lot of bad things about Paraguay, but that was from Argentines and Brazilians so I guess that’s to be expected. Keep us posted.

  • mkwrk2

    Right. There is something magnetic in this country so similar as to my acquaintance to other distant places I lived in.

    Spanish is advantage to travelling there.

    I would return one day to Asuncion.

    Michael Kerjman