Is This A Formula For Finding Nightlife Hotpots In Colombia?

So, the other night I went to this club in Medellin.

I went there because I was invited to a birthday party, but didn’t quite know what to expect as I had never heard of the club before.

When I arrived, I noticed the line outside the club trying to get in. It was rather long, and rather not-moving.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see this, I immediately infer that the club is good. Otherwise, why would the line be there, right?

Turns out the club was only open to those who had reservations. It was not open to walk-ins.

Exclusivity = Better Quality.

So, I had a sense when I was going in that this could be a good shout. I dutifully gave the name of the birthday girl to the attendant, and after paying the $20 cover (expensive for Medellin), I was allowed in.

Anyways, upon entering I saw what was perhaps the highest density of ridiculously beautiful girls I had ever seen in a Medellin club. And that is saying something, as I have been to many, many venues.

Yeah, there are lots of pretty girls in Medellin, but this club was at another level… It was like I hit the jackpot.

Our party was actually up in the VIP section, so as I made my way up there I realized what a good position I was in when I saw people I knew in such an exclusive place.

Nightlife in Medellin is often centered around groups and can often seem very cliquish. Because this club was so exclusive, that was the case here, times a factor of 10. There were well-defined groups around the club, penetrable only by highly-skilled socialites. You needed to know someone.

Now, I’m not going to tell you which club this was (more on why in a moment), but I will tell you that after witnessing that night, I’ve realized that there are a lot of beautiful girls in Colombia who unfortunately do not like reggaeton at all. Rather, there’s a whole subculture of beautiful girls that will avoid reggaeton places and will rather go to venues that play vallenato.

And this place played mostly vallenato, which is kinda like country music for Colombia. (And coincidentally, in my experience country music clubs in the USA tend to have very good looking girls.)

So, this may be a formula:

Exclusivity + Vallenato = Top-tier Colombian Nightlife.

I should mention here that the girls there were not ‘gringo-hunters’, i.e. they were not looking for foreign men at all, and most would not really give you the time of day unless you were confident, suave, and speaker of Español … So, if you didn’t have a social connection and fluent Spanish, you would be twiddling your thumbs and nursing your over-priced beer most of the night.

Now… why am I not going to tell you exactly where this place was?

Two reasons.

1. I don’t want more gringos there.

This venue is unspoiled by gringo presence as of yet, even though it is not located far away from your typical gringo mainstays. I wouldn’t want to ruin one of the remaining gems of the nightlife scene.

There are places on the interwebs where one mention of a place results in literally hundreds of English-speaking men arriving there in the ensuing months. Regardless of whether this blog actually reaches those interwebs, I am not going to take any chances with this and spoil the goods. (At least not for free…  😉 )

2. The ‘latest hotspot’ meme is really a losing algorithm.

No matter where you go, there will always be people telling you that another place is better or the newest ‘hotspot’– and to a certain extent passing that info around might be a good thing. But over the long-haul, I think this type of mindset may breed a perpetual dissatisfaction with where you actually are.

I don’t want to help you persist in a kind of emotional milieu about who you are and what you’re looking for, and just revisit my blog to find out where to go on a Saturday night.

I want you to go abroad, get into the culture, learn the language, and find the hotspot for yourself, wherever that may be– Colombia or otherwise.

In short, my dear reader, just stay the hell out of my club. 😉

If we become friends, then perhaps we can share these nuggets of value between us. But until then, if you look for the combination of exclusivity and vallenato in Colombia, you might find your way.


  • Weird. When I lived in Colombia, Vallenato was this sad horrible music from the Coast, prostitutes joints and Bogotá. Now, it seems is everywhere. Ryan, if you find a woman who hates Vallenato, she is my goddess. However, you seem into reaggeton a lot. Awuful 🙂 . However, I agree that salsa (or horrible vallenato) is the key to have a successful cruising night out in a disco (do you still use the word cruising? I´m old as you can see).

    • Haha… Yeah, I wish I knew the words to some vallenato songs, I’d be way ahead of the game.

    • Dani

      Its not all sad its also upbeat and happy music too.

  • Dylan Sirois

    Hey Ryan. How is your spanish after living in Colombia??? I might go down there too like i mentioned in the email but more likely in Cartagena. Im thinking about making the journey but i am really just a beginner with the spanish – but learning everyday talking to friends on skype and whatsapp for almost a year now. of course i have Rosetta Stone as well although i dont use it as much as i should! hope all is well!

    • Hey Dylan – My Spanish is pretty good these days… I’d really recommend to anyone to go as far as you can with Spanish in order to enjoy Colombia properly. 🙂