Just The Next One In Line

The other night I met this Colombian girl.

She was a cute and thin, a 20-something with long black hair and a sweet smile.

It was a weekend night, and I had rolled into the club with my crew. I spotted her giving me the eye, and so in passing, I motioned for her to come along to dance. She came willingly. From there she initiated conversation and we kept it up until I got her number for a later date and left.

She seemed really interested in me at the time. In fact, I’d say it was way more than usual.

She was talking like she really wanted to go with me… I mean, there are different degrees a girl might show interest in you in Colombia. She may be too obvious in her advances, which is a red flag that she is ‘working’ that night.

But she wasn’t the (prepago) type. It was just that this girl was very talkative and interested in me, almost like I was wearing pheromones or something. (Maybe I was just on my game… 😉 )

Anyways, later I added her on Facebook and briefly scrolled through her profile.

What struck me was the number of likes and comments that her photos had (some with 200+ likes), with many of them being from Anglo-Saxon type names. Then I noticed that she had apparently attended a variety of meetups for foreigners in the area, as evidenced by Facebook RSVPs.

A few days later I saw her randomly a few days later with some British guys. While I’m not sure where she picked up the Brits, she quite noticeably wasn’t out with any Colombian friends (whether male or female).

This made me pause.

In some places in the world, there seem to be a number of girls who are ONLY interested in foreigners. They are tired of the guys from their own country (for whatever reason), and have completely converted themselves into little caldrons of desire– burning for the chance to get with an extranjero.

There are some girls in foreign countries who really just want a gringo. They don’t really want visas or money necessarily– they just want gringos. (Not complaining here, btw 😉 ).

One way you can spot them because they often run in the same foreigner / expat circles as you find yourself in as an expat. When you finally meet them at a meetup, you realize they already know everyone else there.

If you stay around these circles for awhile and learn the inside story, you learn that many foreigners have already ‘hooked up’ with them… and now these girls are out looking for their next go-around.

There can be different gradients of gringo-hunters, mind you… Some may just be starting out. Others may have a lot of ‘experience.’ Nevertheless, if you frequent the same places, with time you’ll be able to discern who these types of people might be.

So anyways, as I scrolled through this girl’s Facebook profile, I was getting a faint but definite gringo-hunter vibe. I still did not know too much about her, but just the way I became acquainted with her social circles and the way she continued to eagerly talk to me made me curious… Maybe this girl has been around the block.

For the record, I’m not saying if a girl eagerly talks to you and you’re a foreigner then she’s automatically a gringo hunter. I’m just saying you might be able to sense when things are slightly different…

For this one, I’d say her eagerness towards me didn’t feel innocent enough, if that makes sense. There was just a hint of something about her– like I was definitely not one of the first gringos she was interested in.

Note: as of this writing, I still don’t know if she is a ‘gringo-hunter’, and I’m not too worried about classifying her one way or the other. In fact, I’ll probably hang out with her at some point. 😉

But what I am saying is that there is a distinct gringo-hunter train… Girl wants foreigners. Girl goes to places with foreigners. Foreigner gets girl. Foreigner dumps girl. Girl goes again to places with foreigners.

It’s a route that cycles around on the same track. It never actually goes anywhere. It may look good when it first picks you up, as the tracks lead into the idyllic distance. But in the end, it just returns you to the same spot.

When I meet certain girls, my thoughts are: how many were before me? 10? 100? 200?

Some guys may not have a problem with that. But to me it says something about a girls character if she falls into this kind of a lifestyle– no matter where the girl is from. These girls may be beautiful, sure, but what do all these men really mean to her? What kind of girl is she if this is her lifestyle?

And this says something about me– what kind of man am I if I go with it?

Am I just the next one in line when the train comes back around?

  • There’s definitely a double standard. Your questioning the girl’s character, but if you start getting lucky with a long stream of pretty girls, you’ll probably just enjoy it, and not question it, until you tire out. But getting tired of it doesn’t mean those experiences weren’t worthwhile.

    Sometimes you have to hop aboard the train and go for a ride before you can put everything in perspective, and know what you’re *really* looking for when you’re out trying to meet girls.

    • No double standard as you’re assuming I get on the train. The whole point is asking the question of why get on the train in the first place… hedonism? Maybe some guys get on the train, but why do this if you already see it doesn’t lead anywhere?

  • Bruce Wayne

    Im sorry if i think that you dont know how to read women, but body language is international. Look for the ioi`s!

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