Why Medellin Colombia Is A Super-Liveable City (Part 2)

We continue with 10 reasons why Medellin, Colombia is a super-liveable city, and why I am enjoying my time here so much. (Here are the first five reasons.) Now for the final five… 5. Amabilidad: The people are friendly. Colombian people are friendly people. Spend some time here and you will know this first-hand. I […]

Why Medellin Colombia Is A Super-Liveable City (Part 1)

As some of you may know, I have been spending the last couple of months down here in Medellin, Colombia. I first came here in the spring, but liked it so much that I came back. My experience here was one of the big reasons I decided to return to Colombia. So, I’ve put together […]

Breakdown Of My Monthly Costs In Colombia

Since deciding that the location-independent lifestyle is something I wanted to pursue, I’ve been more conscientious about my costs. And, since coming back to Colombia, I’ve been enjoying a decent bit of cheaper living. All told, Colombia isn’t cheap compared to other places in South America, but compared to the major cities of the US, […]

How You’ve Lost 30% Of Your Wealth But Didn’t Know It (Or, Why You Should Learn About Currencies & Exchange Rates)

The other day I was chatting with a friend about his time in Brazil. He lived there for 2 years and had a blast. Interested to see what it would cost to return there, he looked up the exchange rate of Brazilian reals to US dollars today. The rate was BRL 1.57 to USD 1. […]

7 Reasons Why I Returned To Colombia

As you may know, a few weeks ago I left the US and returned to Colombia for my second stint in the country. This time, I have returned to the city of Medellin. (Why Medellin? You’ll have to stay tuned to upcoming posts… 🙂 ) There are several general reasons why I moved back. 1. […]

Manizales: A Little Strange, A Lot of Rain & Mudslides, and A Volcano

I visited Manizales on a lark back in the spring for a weekend because it peaked my curiosity. The feria of Manizales is well known as a great party, and even though it was not happening during the time I was going to be there, any city with a well known festival automatically peaks my […]

Why I Might Hire Colombian Over An American

Let me tell you about a situation that happened to me the first time I came to Colombia. The Setting I had just left the gym in Envigado when a bunch of clouds rolled in (not uncommon for afternoons in Medellin). As the clouds took over the sky and prepared to dump their H2O on […]

I Am Now Exclusively Wearing Perhaps The Finest Underwear Man Has Ever Put On

Listen, if you have poked around the blogging world, or especially the travel / adventure blogging world for awhile, you might have heard about ExOfficio Give-N-Go underwear. I first wanted to try them on last year as I was preparing to go abroad the first time. I looked around and saw they were mentioned everywhere… […]

Santa Marta: Why I Might Spend More Time Around It, But Probably Not In It. Plus, A Laughing Crocodile.

I visited Santa Marta during my coastal stretch of my first trip to Colombia, and the first thing you will notice in Santa Marta is the heat. It’s really hot along the Caribbean coast in Colombia… It’s hot in Cartagena. No surprise, then, it’s hot in Santa Marta… So plan on sweat and lots of […]

Cartagena is Hot and Beautiful, But It Can Also Be Muddy Hilarious

I really could just end the post right now, because with the title I’ve told you the biggest things you need to know about Cartagena. But, I actually took out my camera out a little more than usual when I traveled there, so this post is a good one to stick around for. The City […]