Get Spanish Help Right Now Using These 2 Resources (They’re Free)

There are two websites I have come across recently which I have been absolutely eating up. Both help you learn Spanish. Both are free. And the best part is, this is NOT any kind of sponsored post. I write this post only to pass them along to you. 1. University of Texas Spanish Proficiency Exercises […]

What The Super Bowl Can Teach You About Travel And Culture

Last night I watched the Packers beat the Steelers in a sports bar in midtown Bogotá. I can tell you that it was a lot of fun and everyone in the bar had a lot of fun. The TVs were all tuned in to Fox Sports Latin America, with the commentary completely in Spanish and […]

The Simple Way To Enjoy Your Travel

You are a finite creature. I want you to read that again just in case you missed it. You are a finite creature. Granted, some of you may have bought any number of hot books these days about becoming superhuman, but the reality of your simple, bodily needs remains… You are a hobbit, a very […]

Lessons Learned After 100 Days of Blogging

Hello, triple digits. Nice to meet you. A little over 3 months ago, I started this blog as a way of sharing my journey abroad and my journey to fluency in multiple languages, but I have found myself drawn to write about much more. Perhaps the post I am most proud of is Your Time […]

Short Narrative: A Swede, A Taxi Ride, And Colombian Girls

Last weekend I went out with some friends to a Colombian restaurant / bar / salsa dancing place called Cafe Libro in the middle of northern Bogotá. There were about 6 or 7 of us, including one girl and her visiting father, a Swede about 50 or 55 years old. We arrived around 8 pm […]

My Travel Into Colombia: 2 Things I Did Wrong and 1 Thing I Did Right

I made it to Colombia! WOOT WOOT! 🙂 I have arrived in Bogotá, and I am starting to get to know the layout of this city a little bit. It is a MASSIVE city, with something like 8 million people. (I luckily arrived during the time when many people from Bogotá take a vacation, so […]

Something I Should Have Done Ten Years Ago

At last. When this post goes live, I will be en route to Bogotá, Colombia, the start of my 3 month (minimum) trip abroad. It’s the first long-term travel I’ve ever done. I am so excited. I am totally stoked. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. The first part of […]

How I Accomplished My 2010 New Year’s Resolution and What I Learned In The Process

I did it. This past weekend I completed the final lesson in Pimsleur Spanish 3. This was a New Year’s resolution of mine that I kept, with a week to spare before the end of 2010. It was not easy… It was tedious at times. It was boring at times. It was annoying at times… […]

Your Time is Now.

About 3 months ago, a man I knew of, with no history of health problems, suddenly passed away in his sleep one night. According to the postmortem autopsy, he had major unknown heart problems and would have needed a heart transplant had he survived the night. I did not know the man very well, but […]

The Paradox of Motivation

Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor. -Soren Kierkegaard Learning a language is a project. It’s not something you can just do well “in your spare time” or while you are significantly committed to other things. I was reading a blog the other day that talked about how language is not […]