The Clasico Game: Independiente Medellin vs Atlético Nacional

One of my Colombian buddies told me that I should go to the Clasico game at least once while I was in Medellin. The match pits Deportivo Independiente Medellin versus Atlético Nacional, and intra-city matchup with the two most well-known soccer team. To say it’s a fierce rivalry is an understatement. After each game, it […]

To See The World Or To Find Something

The other day I was prowling around the interwebs for some info on a certain city I am interested in visiting. Unfortunately, all I really could find in my short search was a bunch of pages written by travelers who blab on about how their flight and hotel were, and how they had 2 or […]

Life After 6 Months In Medellin

The other day I had to go in to get my tourist visa renewed in Medellin. They had given me 90 days upon entry, which means I’ve spent 3 months this year in Medellin (already!). Combined with last year’s 3 months, that means I have lived here for 6 months in total over the course […]

Four Caricatures Of Geo-Arbitrage (Or, How Your Travel Lifestyle Can Determine Your Costs)

Geo-arbitrage is the idea that you can earn money in one part of the world and spend it in another. If you do this, often you will find that your dollars (or pounds / euros / francs / krone) go further, and you can afford a higher standard of living, partially due to exchange rates. […]

Why Clicking Pictures Won’t Help You Learn A Foreign Language

I recently wrote a little intro to Livemocha, an online community which I think is great for learning a new language. Not all aspects of the site are great, though. This is especially true when it comes the courses. Basically, here’s how the courses work…. You hear and read a bunch of words and phrases […]

Want To Go Abroad? Step Into The On-Deck Circle

Going abroad is a relatively simple task. All you really need to do is to get on a plane. But if you really plan to do a significant amount of travel, you can begin to do things now which will prepare you to take the trip you’ve always dreamed of. For one, if you aren’t […]

Step-Wise Reduction Of Your Expenses (Or, What You Can Do Today To Start Building Your Cash Stash)

A big key to saving money, for the purpose of traveling or for starting a business, is to reduce your expenses. Many people have the idea that travel is expensive. And it is, somewhat… but only because you are removed from your normal ways of making money (i.e. job). If you could make money wherever […]

The One Thing I Can’t Stand About Colombian Girls

So, the other night, something happened to me which is not all that rare in Colombia. It was last night actually… but to get the whole picture we need to go back two nights ago. Let me give you the play-by-play. The following takes place on a Sunday night via Facebook chat. The girl I’m […]

Guide To Livemocha: How To Effectively Use The World’s Largest Language Learning Community

In my journey to learn Spanish, I have used a lot of different resources, figuring out which ones are the most helpful, and which ones are a large waste of time. One resource I have used extensively is Livemocha, and today I’m going to tell you how you can get the most out of it. […]

Anything That Matters You Have To Build

Sometimes people wonder how they can afford to travel around the world. Part of it is geo-arbitrage, the reality that many places in the world are significantly cheaper than the modern nations of the West. I’ve written about my monthly costs in Colombia and Ecuador. Now, my costs are not as low as they could […]