31 May 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Goodbye Asunción

So… I’ve left Asunción Paraguay. I lasted 7 days. Here’s some of why: hot, mosquitoes, lack of easy / intuitive apartment finding, lack of inspiration… heat, mosquitoes… We just didn’t gel well, Asunción and me. It’s probably my fault. I mean, I’m pretty picky. I already have a city I love which I compare everything […]

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30 May 2012 ~ 6 Comments

Asunción: First Impressions

The city of Asunción is rather interesting. First, it’s not that well known in the travel-blog sphere of things, but Asunción the largest city in Paraguay… as far as I can tell, the only one with the attractions of big city life, i.e. restaurants, clubs & bars, activities, options for living. But apparently, Asunción has […]

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21 May 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Accelerating The Search For Liveable Cities

A few weeks ago, the question that really came to me was… how long does it take to know if a city is liveable for you? In other words, how long do you need to spend in a city before you can make a decision regarding whether you would stay in the city for a […]

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11 April 2012 ~ 5 Comments

Four Caricatures Of Geo-Arbitrage (Or, How Your Travel Lifestyle Can Determine Your Costs)

Geo-arbitrage is the idea that you can earn money in one part of the world and spend it in another. If you do this, often you will find that your dollars (or pounds / euros / francs / krone) go further, and you can afford a higher standard of living, partially due to exchange rates. […]

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23 February 2012 ~ 7 Comments

Why I Am Going To Colombia… Again

Well hello, Colombia, it’s nice to see you again. I recently returned to the city of Medellin, Colombia for what I expect to be a stellar multi-month stay in the country. Medellin, to me, is such a cool place. It’s what I call super-liveable, a place that can easily begin to feel like home. Initially, […]

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12 January 2012 ~ 7 Comments

10 Reasons You Should Go Abroad This Year

In 2011, I made the leap and spent an extended time abroad, mostly in Colombia and a little bit in Ecuador. Here are 10 reasons you should go abroad this year: 1. You will love it. What is better than having the best time of your life? Some people may view going abroad as a […]

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06 October 2011 ~ 11 Comments

A New Chapter For Ryan Goes Abroad

About a year ago, I started Ryan Goes Abroad. I started it as an experiment in finding out what the social media world was all about. And if you had told me what I was going to experience in the next year as a result of this blog, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have […]

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22 August 2011 ~ 21 Comments

7 Reasons Why I Returned To Colombia

As you may know, a few weeks ago I left the US and returned to Colombia for my second stint in the country. This time, I have returned to the city of Medellin. (Why Medellin? You’ll have to stay tuned to upcoming posts… 🙂 ) There are several general reasons why I moved back. 1. […]

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12 November 2010 ~ 15 Comments

The Young and The Restless: Five Emerging Blogs In Adventure & Lifestyle Design

As many of you know, I only recently started my blog in lieu of my upcoming trip abroad to Colombia and my acquisition of Spanish. In the past month or so, I have come across some other blogs in the adventure / travel / lifestyle design space that have really encouraged me, not only because […]

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08 September 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Your Blog Will Not Be Built in a Day.

Your Blog Will Not Be Built in a Day.

The process of starting this blog has been a little tedious. With WordPress, so many things have been optimized and automated so that blogging and setting up a website seems to be a lot quicker than it use to be back in the 1990s. But, trying to build your blog takes a lot of work, […]

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